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        安捷芯拥有基于半导体工艺的8英寸AWG晶圆技术,  用自己生产的芯片生产CWDM,  LWDM 组件,  DWDM,  cyclic AAWG器件和模块等产品,  更具成本优势。
  • PLC 90 Degree Hybrid

    It is based on Planar Lightwave Circuit(PLC) technology with low insertion loss and low IQ phase error. Also ,it has more compact size and cost-competitive price. PLC-type 90° Hybrid Module can be used in optical coherent detection for FMCW Lidar,DP-QPSK, DP-16QAM, DP-32QAM, DP-64QAM, coherent transmission,and long-haul, Metro, and DCI Networks.