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        安捷芯拥有基于半导体工艺的8英寸AWG晶圆技术,  用自己生产的芯片生产CWDM,  LWDM 组件,  DWDM,  cyclic AAWG器件和模块等产品,  更具成本优势。
  • Cyclic AAWG

    Agilechip’s Cyclic Athermal Arrayed Waveguide Grating (Cyclic AAWG) is a fully passive device that does not consume electrical power. The optical performance is guaranteed from -5ºC to 65ºC for Central Office and from -40ºC to 85ºC for Remote Node applications.
    Optimized for WDM-PON applications, this Cyclic AAWG is configured for dual band operation. C-band channels and L-band channels are supported simultaneously. In the downstream direction, the device will spatially separate a stream of channels from a single mode input fiber  into different output fibers, each corresponding to and individual channel in one of the specified wavelength bands . In the upstream direction , the reverse process will occur simultaneously for channels in the second wavelength band.